Program Overview

Class Action Settlement Administration Overview

NCDS, as contracted by the Class Action Settlement Administrator (SA), provides binding arbitration case management of Class Member reimbursement claims that were denied by the SA as well as the Repurchase or Replacement of a Class Vehicle owned or leased by a Class Member. The authority of NCDS, as it relates specifically to case administration functions, is prescribed in the Rules. In its capacity as administrator, NCDS is not authorized to make decisions with respect to the merits of any case, nor offer advice or suggestions on how to resolve a case. NCDS serves to facilitate the case administration process by appointing arbitrators, transmitting information between the parties, and arranging for the arbitration hearing.

Aberin et al v. American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Hands Free Link Arbitration FAQ

Click here for the Program Overview and other information to help you file an appeal regarding your financial reimbursement claim pertaining to the Aberin Class Action Settlement Agreement.

Appeal to Denied Claim Forms

File your appeal online!

To expedite the handling of your appeal, we encourage you to eFile your appeal for a denied claim by clicking on the link below.

Please note, per the rules of our program, we can only accept your appeal in English (Tenga en cuenta que, según las reglas de nuestro programa, solo podemos aceptar su apelación en inglés).

Before starting an eFile Appeal Claim, you will need your 17 character Vehicle Identification Number or VIN. After submitting your appeal for a denied claim, you will have an opportunity to upload your Denial Letter and other documentation.

Or, you can download, print and complete the applicable appeal claim form below then scan and (i) email it to, (ii) fax it to 972-807-9919, or (iii) mail it to the address listed on the form.

AHM Class Action Appeal Claim Form

Brochures, Rules & Procedures

Rules for the Resolution of Financial Reimbursement Claim disputes arising from the Aberin et al v. American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Hands Free Link Class Action Settlement. Click here