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Alfa Romeo California State Certified Arbitration Program

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Vehicle Warranty & Lemon Law Complaints

NCDS administers the Informal Dispute Settlement Program ("IDSP") for Alfa Romeo vehicle warranty complaints. In the State of California, NCDS operates as the California Dispute Settlement Program ("CDSP").

Our mission is to help you achieve a free and quick resolution to the problem or issue you are having with your Alfa Romeo vehicle without the need for an attorney, either through mediation or arbitration.

7 Quick Facts to Help You Make the Decision
to File a Claim with CDSP

When you file an eligible claim with CDSP, you are entitled to the following:

  1. A free and quick resolution to your dispute (40 days or less).
  2. No commitment to complete the process as you have the right to withdraw your claim at any time.
  3. A potential mediated settlement with Alfa Romeo should you and Alfa Romeo choose to settle your claim without going to arbitration.
  4. The assignment of an independent, third-party Arbitrator who has been trained to hear evidence in a fair and neutral manner and who has no stake in the outcome of your case.
  5. An Arbitrator will award or deny your request for a repurchase, replacement, reimbursement of repairs, or vehicle repair based on what you request. Note, the Arbitrator’s decision shall include any remedies which the Arbitrator finds appropriate under the circumstances, including repair, replacement, refund, reimbursement for expenses, compensation for damages, and any other remedies available under the written warranty or the applicable law, and need not be limited to the specific relief sought by the consumer.
  6. An Arbitrator decision is binding on Alfa Romeo but not binding on you, meaning you have the ability to reject or accept the Arbitrator’s Award. By way of example, if the Arbitrator awards you a replacement of the vehicle and you accept his or her decision, that decision is binding on Alfa Romeo (meaning Alfa Romeo has to comply with the award).
  7. If you reject the Arbitrator’s decision, you have not given up any rights to pursue your claim in another venue. In fact, because Alfa Romeo offers a certified program in the State of California, there are benefits to you if you first file a claim with CDSP before pursuing the litigation path.

Based on the aforementioned benefits, why would you not attempt to resolve your dispute through the CDSP Alfa Romeo California Certified Program first before retaining a lemon law attorney?

More about the CDSP IDSP:

The Magnuson Moss Federal Warranty Act (Mag Moss) requires manufacturers to pay for the IDSP and CDSP administers a fully compliant Mag Moss Program.

If a mediated settlement can’t be reached between you and Alfa Romeo and your case proceeds to an arbitration hearing, a trained panel of independent arbitrator(s) will hear your case and render a decision on average in 35 days as 99% of our cases are resolved in 40 days or less.

The arbitrators(s) decision is only binding on Alfa Romeo. That means if you accept the arbitrator(s) award for a repurchase, replacement, reimbursement, or repair, Alfa Romeo must accept the decision. If you do not accept the award or you do not prevail (win) in arbitration, the decision is not binding on either you or Alfa Romeo which means you will not forfeit any of your rights to pursue the outcome you seek through another means.

While most State Lemon Laws limit or restrict Consumers rights to a repurchase or replacement of their vehicle within twelve (12) to twenty four (24) months of the vehicle’s in service date, CDSP operates a Mag Moss compliant program which allows its’ arbitrators to award a repurchase or replacement of the vehicle during the entire New Vehicle Limited Warranty(ies) period.

In fact, the drafters of Mag Moss wanted the IDSP to be expeditious, free of charge for consumers, and informal so consumers wouldn’t have to go through the lengthy and costly court process to achieve a resolution to their complaint.

If you've experienced your complaint getting passed around from one contact center agent to another, just know the Alfa Romeo employees or agents who are responsible for responding to your claim are at the highest level in the Consumer Affairs or Legal organizations so that will not happen with your claim.

Ready to File a Claim?

Eligibility for CDSP' program is determined by the following factors:

  1. Is your Alfa Romeo currently covered by your Alfa Romeo New Vehicle Limited Warranty(ies)?
  2. Is the concern you are having with your vehicle covered by your Alfa Romeo New Vehicle Limited Warranty(ies)?

Note, there may be additional eligibility factors, but CDSP can determine that after you file your claim.

If you answered Yes to Questions 1 and 2 above, and if you are ready to file a claim today*, then:

Click Here to
Start Your eClaim
*At a minimum, we will need your Contact and Vehicle Information (Year, Make, Model, 17 character VIN, Purchase/Lease Date, Condition and Current Mileage). While having your Repair History (Repair Order Number(s), Date(s), and mileage at time of repair) is not required, it can help expedite the handling of your claim if you provide this information when you submit your claim.

It's fast, free, and if a mutually agreeable resolution cannot be reached between you and Alfa Romeo, then a CDSP Case Administrator will provide you with the necessary information to help prepare you for the arbitration process and hearing.

Need More Information?

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